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I’m joining Kelly’s Korner today where she is asking her readers to share their best marriage advice.  My husband and I are less than two months from our 32nd anniversary.  My best advice to anyone is to covenant never to let divorce be an option.   I think most people could find a reason to consider divorce at some point as marriage ebbs and flows (of course I understand there can be issues like infidelity and physical violence that present special consideration)  and no one ever finds the “perfect” mate.  Your spouse didn’t find a perfect mate either! If you choose never to consider divorce, you then push through difficulties and dry times and you find the sweetness that comes with years of togetherness.  My husband knew me when I was young, when I had blond hair that didn’t need highlighting, when I was pregnant and lost pregnancies.  I remember his parents and I was there when both of his parents faced tough illnesses that eventually took their lives.  We shared all of the years of our children growing up and watching some of them launching into adulthood. Together we have gone through our own health issues, financial issues, job issues, moving and moving and moving!  We have had many special anniversaries together.  We look forward to becoming parents-in-law and having grandchildren. We have promised that our children will never have to be shuffled between parents who no longer live together or have to choose who to spend holidays with.  Even though they are getting older, divorce never gets easier for them.

This reminds me of the joke about the 90+ year old couple who goes to an attorney seeking a divorce.  He says, “Well OK but let me ask you, why now after 68 years of marriage?  The couple answers, “We were waiting for the kids to die off!”

Don’t be like them!  Make it work. The sweetness of a lifetime together is so worth it!


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  1. Lori says:

    I love this! I have been married over 30 years and love having the history together. I love mentoring the younger women since I did it all wrong for so many years but thankfully figured it out!

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