It is already another Friday that I am joining Kelly’s Korner with her “Show Us Your Life” link about blogging advice.  This week has really flown by since we are spending it with family in Nashville.

Now why would anyone want advice from someone who still has a July banner on their blog?  Since we are with family we never get to see, that is waiting until I get home.  Anyway, I am brand new to writing a blog but I have been reading many blogs over the past two to three years and one piece of advice I would give and will try to follow on this blog, is to not make the blog entries too long.  Some blogs I go to have long posts and for some reason those interest me less or  I tend to skim over much of it even if it is well written with good content.  I find it less true if there are pictures throughout the entry but still, blog posts just seem to need to be shorter than longer.

I’d love feedback.  Agree or disagree?  Is it just a personal preference?


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2 Responses to Blogging

  1. Amanda says:

    The July banner…laughing b/c I just changed mine 2 days ago:)

    Pictures, well, I do LOVE big fab pictures on a blog, even if it’s just one on a post. I think to some of the blogs I love, and it’s b/c of the pics…

    Long or short…depends…if it’s on a serious topic, I’m more apt to read it thru. Something with alot of fluff that can be said succinctly…no way! I agree that it gets skimmed or not read at all.

    You should join Debbie Doos Newbie Party if she still hosts it on Mondays…blogging 6 mos or less or less than 100 followers. It was a great exp for me!


  2. amy says:

    totally agree!! I love shorter posts ;)

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